Simplifi - ED.LV Estimation Solution

Simplifi-ED.LV Estimation Solution -

The estimation solution is a menu driven user friendly IT based intelligent software, which helps user to create accurate offers with minimum efforts in the most efficient manner. Simplifi-ED.LV comes with sample feeder configurations along with their compartment height, bus bar selection charts and user configurable panel executions & dimensions. Extensive switchgear database is provided with Simplifi-ED. Just provide the list of feeders, their configuration & feeder height as input tender purpose front view and costing in ready in few minutes.

Features / Advantages of Simplifi-ED.LV Estimation Solution:

Database for Estimation
1 Estimation Solution is provided with almost all switchgear components available in India with updated price list.
2 On pricelist revision, updation of pricelist is done by Iconic.*
3 For price of non-listed item, user friendly interface for data entry is provided with solution for user.
4 In case of new ‘make’, if pricelist provided by client, same shall be incorporated by Iconic in a definite time period at no extra cost.

*Terms and condition apply



Feeder Configuration
1 Availability of a variety of feeder configurations as samples to choose from, resulting in time saving. Standard feeder library provided with solution, developed during training to users.
2 User friendly GUI’s with intelligence built-in for easy and guided configuration process, parallel and series filtering options.
Construction Details
1 IP protection, painting details and gasket calculation considered according to the selection. This makes sheet metal, painting, gasket calculation based on scientific method.
2 In-built Busbar selection chart for automatic bus bar selection. Bus bar size is automatically suggested based on selection criteria ‘Temperature rise wise’ or ‘Current Density’ wise.
Tender purpose GA Drawing
1 Availability of a variety of panel executions (Almost all Possible Executions) defined in the solution database as samples to choose from.  Requires selection of the ones that are applicable and defining the custom dimensions and their respective thicknesses.
2 Tender purpose General Arrangement Drawing generated automatically by the solution based on the feeder list defined for every switchboard taking into consideration the bus-wise distribution, the vertical dropper rating and the total vertical feeder area height available as per the operating height criterion.
Costing reports
1 Total Switchgear cost, cost for one make of components/cost for one family & Type of component for negotiation of a better discount from the manufacturer.
2 Single point modification of, say Discount, at any stage of the offer for a particular Make’s family (egg. ACB)
3 Single point modification of MRP, updating of MRP in case of change in particular offer on click of button.
4 Total quantity of Bus bar of Aluminium / Copper to be used for a particular board or project. Breakup for main Bus bar, Vertical BB, Bus links feeder wise.
5 Before generating GA diagram, the software prompts the user to add any additional panel for marshalling purpose or any other use, there-by reducing the chances for the user to miss out on costing of these.
6 Part wise weight breakup for each panel is available for data analysis.
7 Costing of Electrical material & Labour is maintained component-wise which does not get affected when a discount has to be passed on to the client during price negotiations.
8 More of such data for analysis and scope of cutting down of costs towards a more competitive quote increasing the chances of award of contract 
9 Technical validations to the extent possible ensure that wrong data selections are not possible.
All Internal Reports
  a. Project cost report in two different formats.
b. Switchgear breakup Report.
c. Feeder wise costing. 
d. Feeder wise Wire Report.
e. Details Bus link and Vertical dropper Report.
f. Switchboard wise switchgear report.
g. And much more…..
  a. Price-bid
b. BOM with and without Catalog number
c. One page offer.
d. Technical Specification sheet.
e. Tender purpose FV….
1 Reporting can be had in the format for submission to the customer without need for any manual intervention
2 As required reports can be exported to the PDF, MS-Word and MS-Excel format.

FAQ on Simplifi-ED.LV Estimation Solution

Q. What is 'Simplifi-ED.LV Estimation Solution'?
A. As per conventional method, most switchboard manufacturers use ‘MS-Excel’ for doing estimation for switchboards. However, in using ‘MS-Excel’ for this purpose, the user must have extensive knowledge about switchboards so as to arrive at the correct costs for switchgear, busbar, sheet steel, wiring and labour and, last but not the least, not to rule off a chance of ‘Human-Error’ in doing so.
Iconic Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. introduces an ‘MS-Excel’ independent, error-free  person-independent accurate intelligent tool to help estimate switchboard costs, assisted by a vast in-built database and knowledge bank.
Q. What do I require to install the software?
A. As it is a web based application, it will be installed in Server System. From server system, users can access the software through LAN. Also if you have Static IP, it can be accessed from anywhere outside your office.
For individual user systems, only ‘Mozilla Firefox’ browser is required to access the software. For detail information about ‘System requirement’ please refer to our ‘System requirement for Simplifi-ED LV Solution’.
Q. What are the different switchgear makes that are provided in the database?
A. We provide all well known makes like Siemens, L&T, ABB, Schneider, GE and many other latest pricelists in our database, which can be directly used by the user during Estimation.
Q. What if those pricelist gets updated? Should I update all pricelist by myself?
A. No. Whenever any pricelist will get updated, Iconic will update the pricelist and upload it to Iconic Server. You will receive an E-mail on your registered ‘E-mail id’. All you have to do is to download them to update your database.
Q. What type of switchboard costing can I make using ‘Simplifi-ED LV Estimation’ solution?
A. Ans. By using ‘Simplifi-ED LV Estimation Solution’ you can make offer for PCC, MCC, PDB, wall mounting DB, Non- Compartmentalized panel, Mixed type panel, Feeder pillar and Busduct.
Q. What about the discount and taxes applicable on switchgear costing? Can I use my own discount and taxes in database?
A. Yes. The default database comes with standard discount and tax structures. If you need to incorporate your discount and tax structure, first time during installation, Iconic representative will help you to incorporate the same. Later on you can do it by yourself.
Q. What about the busbar details? I want to use my own busbar sizes in ‘Simplifi-ED.LV Estimation Solution’?
A. Apart from switchgear pricelists, Iconic provides a standard busbar selection chart. During installation, Iconic will provide you a ‘Technical data book’, where you have to fill up your organization’s standard details of busbar, sheet metal, painting, labour, wiring etc. During database customization, Iconic representative will help you to customize the database as per your organization’s standards.
Q. Does it calculates weight of busbar and sheet metal automatically?
Yes. With all criteria like ambient temperature, temperature rise, fault level etc. and standard formulas, ‘Simplifi-ED LV Estimation Solution’ gives you the accurate calculation of all type of bus bars such as Phase and Neutral busbar, earth, control busbar and feeder wise busbar links.
For sheet metal calculation, it provides you the accurate weight of entire switchboard as well as each parts such as Top sheet, side cover, doors, mounting plate, feeder partition etc.
Q. Does it provides Front view at estimation stage?
Yes. In ‘Simplifi-ED.LV Estimation’ database, we provide above 110 types of different switchboard executions. Tender purpose General Arrangement Drawing is generated automatically by the software based on the feeder list defined for every switchboard, taking into consideration the bus-wise distribution, the vertical dropper rating and the total vertical feeder area height available as per the operating height criterion.
Q. How does it calculates Wiring and Labour?
A. Costing of Electrical material (Wiring) & Electrical Labour is maintained component-wise which does not get affected when a discount has to be passed on to the client during price negotiations.
Q. Does it generates all reports for submission to customer?
Yes. Not only the submission reports, but all internal and submission Reports can be had in the format for submission to the customer without need of any manual intervention. All Reports can be Exported to Pdf (Adobe Acrobat Format), MS-Excel and MS-Word format.
Q. What are the basic advantages of this tool?
Apart from tangible benefits mentioned below which helps in producing fast, efficient and accurate output, our solutions have certain organization level benefits, which help organization to grow fast and profitably.
1 It is a totally system depended Estimation process and not person dependent.
2 Knowledge created in the organization remains with organization, irrespective of the persons involved, thus crates organizations knowledge bank.
3 Lower skill persons can give output very close to perfection as they can utilize the knowledge bank build by the organization over the years.
4 It helps in automatically working with well defined system thus; quality is controlled by system and not individuals.
5 It helps in standardization in tailor made operations / products thus making production fast and mechanized to the extent possible.
6 Once the process is set, it is always possible to work on continuous improvement and cost reduction. It has been our experience that most of our clients have been able to reduce cost by 5-7% almost every year.
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*Disclaimer : Individual results may vary from person to person

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