Need for a Solution
Solution Vs Software Tool
A Solution is a customized software tool that performs several types of repetitive activities, in an integrated way, by putting to task an extensive database and a knowledge bank, built over a period of time by the execution of a number of projects. The final report outputs are in a ready form as per requirement.
For e.g. a CAD software is a tool, where in front view of panel can be drafted, needs checking after completion of work - while a solution is where you get the front view without actually drafting even a single line and output need not be checked.

Benefits of using a solution.
Switchboard manufacturing is a tailor made business with little or no standardization.
It involves activities such as  –
Tendering / quoting for an enquiry
Preparation of Detailed engineering drawings on receipt of Order
Preparation of Detailed mechanical drawings for Manufacturing of the switchboard upon approval.

Thus, creation of engineering drawings followed by relevant mechanical drawings for the required product is an unavoidable part of the job. Our solutions immensely reduce the enormity of the task of drawings creation, to the desired accuracy. 
A CAD software would also help to do this task, but it would work only as a tool, requiring a skilled team. A Solution, on the other hand, not only takes care of the CAD part, it also takes care of the intelligence part. Hence, a comparatively low skilled team would be able to roll out sufficiently accurate output within a month of exposure.
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