We, at Iconic Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd., are providers of Engineering Automation Solutions.  We specialize in Estimation / Engineering / Manufacturing Software Solutions for Electrical switchboards.
These unique  and  completely  indigenous  solutions have been designed  and  developed as a result of our strong technical background obtained through direct hands-on experience in the estimation, engineering and manufacturing  of  electrical  switchboards,  spanning   over  19 years.  These  solutions can  be  interfaced  to commercial  applications / ERP to generate various other  MIS  reports  for  better control over business. 24x7 customer support and service, make us customer friendly.
Although  our  area  of  specialization  is  in designing,  developing,  implementing,  training  and  maintaining technical  based  software  solutions  for  the  Electrical  industry,  we  are  capable  of  taking  up  customized projects of various industrial / commercial software based solutions.
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